Friday, December 13, 2013

Time to Decorate!!!

At the nurses station a few days ago, one of my coworkers and I were chatting.  She was shocked to learn that I have never made a gingerbread house from scratch.  "Really?!?  But you're so crafty!"  This is not the year to break tradition. I had already bought the "prefab" gingerbread house from Costco and was gearing up on decorating it with the kids.

I cannot recall ever decorating a gingerbread house in my youth; although, it always sounded like such fun. Mandi and I started buying the pre-baked gingerbread houses when we moved into our own home some twelve years ago.  Back then we'd struggle with the assembly of the house as it seemed the sides and roof would never stay put.  We enjoyed decorating them much more once stores started seling pre-assembled houses.  

Yes, I'm a wimp.  I must admit that it does relieve stress to simply purchase and decorate...especially with James helping.
Earlier tonight Sam, James, and I sat down at the coffee table and spent about an hour decorating our lovely prefab gingerbread house.  The above photo is of James' side of the house.  Sam was initially quite frustrated that he batched all the gumdrops on one side of the house.  I think he did great considering it was his first time participating in the decorating.

Toward the end, James was irritated that he ran out of the little colored balls.  As he had been crunching and munching the whole time I simply suggested to him that maybe next time he should decorate first and eat them only when he's done.  His lovely big sister, without any prompting, happily said "here James, you can have some of mine to finish your roof."  At which point James eagerly scooped up all of the remaining candies from Sam's bowl to his....I don't think that's what she meant.  

Sam and I quickly intervened and placed the little spheres along the cris-crossing lattice design on the roof.  It was then that I realized she was tryinging to provide continuity to the roof and salvage James' side which was unbalance due to the gumdrop avalanche in the one corner.

Here's Samantha's side of the gingerbread house.  She was thrilled to decorate the snowman, but disappointed that he didn't have a black top hat.

It was a fun evening.  Yes, even though I said "pretend to eat the house" they both took a little taste. Maybe next year I'll get motivated to try and make a real gingerbread house...then again, why break tradition.


Karen Gerstenberger said...

You are making great memories, whether the house is prefab or homemade. As a working RN and mom, you're smart to do whatever works for your family and keeps it FUN!
Merry Christmas to all of your family!

Mackenzie said...

I HATE decorating gingerbread houses because like same it bugs me that they aren't perfect. and I can't stand having to "glue" them together with frosting. That being said they had a blast decorating with their dad this year as I nursed a baby on the couch. I loved watching from afar. But next year we are going back to foam houses and stickers. Much cleaner. =)

Mackenzie said...

Sorry that is not same it is Sam.