Saturday, December 20, 2014

Summer vacation

Sam has been out of school for a week now. So yes, the first inkling of boredom has started. Perfect timing too as the bug shared by the children last weekend has made its way to my tummy. Mike so far has been immune. 

In trying to keep the peace while keeping down some toast and tea, I had an idea for a game and the children loved it.

They took turns  "shopping" for three things around the house they would like to play with together. They were very careful to keep the other child from seeing their "gift." 

I then cut some gift wrap to fit each item so they could wrap them. James needed a bit of help getting the gifts lined up right. He still did really well. 

I was able to teach Sam a wrapping trick too when she thought she didn't have enough paper. 

When they were both finished the wrapped gifts were placed near the tree. Sam through the it would be fun to stack them from largest to smallest. 

Then we took the traditional Christmas photo. 
They really did well cooperating and figuring out how to share the toys. Rather than playing Doninos (because Mommy needed to lay still), they lined them up. When putting a puzzle together, they fist split the pieces in half. 

The peace lasted for nearly an hour! 

After lunch, James spent a lot of time making and building things with the leftover gift wrap. He certainly has a creative mind 

Sam did manage to find some peace and started in on a new library book. This time she's trying Nancy Drew. 

After Daddy's break and Mommy's afternoon nap, we headed to the park. My energy level was pretty low, but it felt good to get dressed and get a little fresh air. The kids needed a change of scenery too. 

Following dinner and a pretty hefty meltdown by James, we settled down just in time to catch the tail end of The Polar Express. With longer days and warm weather it's nice to snuggle in and end the day with a good Christmas movie. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Here's the scoop

Monday was kind of exciting. James was fairly recovered though somewhat cranky. And since we were all up early, decided to stick with plans we'd made earlier and go to Cleland Wildlife Park. Mandi and I had visited there in 1998 and I thought it would be fun to have family pictures with a Koala to share at Christmas time. 

The kids were quite excited to spend the day petting and seeing native Australian animals. Neither of them had much to eat for breakfast, so we stopped at a Hungry Jacks at the midway point of or trip there. 

The kids didn't really want much, so I got them each a Frozen Fanta. I thought the cold and sugar would help fend off any other icky feelings. Sam spent most of the stop in the toilet trying to releive a tummy ache "from the seatbelt being too tight."  She also got to video chat with a close friend from home.  She was uncharacteristicly withdran during the video conversation. James played in the play area the whole time we were there. 

After we were refreshed, we gathered the children and headed back to the car. Sam began to cry "I don't want to barf in the car!" We decided to scrap the visit and head home. First we got a bag to have handy just in case. We didn't need it as poor Sam tossed her chips in the parking lot. 
The park is open year round. The kangaroos and koalas will be there after Christmas. The kids will enjoy it much more when feeling 100%

Back home both kids were fevery. So we had another day of watching movies and snuggling on the couch. 

James did get a bit bored once the medicine kicked in, so we attacked a puzzle together. He asked me why I kept watching him. How could I not?  Just look at that little face 

Since then I've been working. I felt bad leaving Mike with both kids still on the punky side. They've done fine though. On my first day back to work I returned home to this...
Apparently the kids built a nest. It's so nice when they play well together. 

Today was a busy day at work. I squeezed in a two hour venipuncture class into my regular workday thanks to my CSC (management position RN, but not the manager) and some great coworkers I was teamed up with. Today was also the staff Christmas BBQ and in the afternoon was a baby shower/potluck. It was a good day overall, just busy. 

I did initiate a conversation with CSC and unit manager about my schedule. I've been missing work because of migraines and although I am working with the doctor to get them managed, I thought a reduction in work hours may help. They said that would be fine and have adjusted the next work roster accordingly. 

My hope is that by working less I'll be able to establish a routine that better balances work, family, marriage, self, etc. In the time I wasn't working, the frequency of my migraines were drastically less than after I started back at work. It's with a try. 

The medicine the doctor prescribed has helped reduce the duration and intensity of the migraines. I'm hopeful that it will also reduce their frequency over time. As per his warning, my appetite is not one that will promote any weight loss. I'm trying hard to keep it in check. Having the time to exercise regularly will help. 

In addition to reducing work, taking this anti migraine pill, and returning exercise to my list of scheduled activities, I also went back on antidepressants. It had taken about six months to ween myself off, but after a couple late night panic attacks and just plain feeling panicky and short tempered decided to go back on them. 

I hate taking medicine. I don't like thinking that my body requires it. My very first counselor put it this way, "if you had a patient with cancer and that cancer was easily treatable with chemo, what would your recommendation be? Would you encourage her to take the chemo, the medicine that would save her life?  You have depression. It is treatable. This medicine would help and it is necessary for you to have a good quality of life."  At least it was something along those lines. It's stuck with me through the last twenty years of the ups and downs of depression. The part he left out was that no one enjoys chemo, it's tolerated. I don't have to like taking medicine or its side effects to help regulate how my brain translates and responds to life. I do tolerate it though. 

I feel very blessed with my family and spouse who have put up with all this through the years. I love you. I may not say if as much as I should, thank you. Thank you for your love, patience, prayers and support. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A no church Sunday

Both sam and James slept late this morning. Late as in 9:30am. James woke with a fever that took quite a bit of time and effort to knock down. 

Sam enjoyed James being quiet. Of course when he did talk it was in a very sad whiney tone. So today was a mostly movie day. 

Sam softly asked me "So I'll probably get it next eight?"  She was a very nice big sister this morning help James alternate ice packs and getting him lemon cordial. 

Around noon I dashed off and picked up a Frozen fanta (slushie) for each kid. James perked up quite quickly after drinking most of his. We then went for a drive to McLaren Vale. It really has a small town feel, like Lynden or old OakHarbor. 

While there we stopped at this bakery. It was part of a small Shoping centre. If you look closely you can see the rows of grapes in the background. McLaren Vale is home to many wineries.

This hallway/wall was inside the bakery. It was quite remarkable how many lids were mounted up there. I knew my Mother and her sisters would appreciate it. 

Before heading home we stopped by a a grocer and saw this. 

The kids and I have done gingerbread houses every year since Mandi was old enough. Had I seen this one earlier I would've bought it. Instead, we went home and assembled the one I purchased previously. James want into it as his fever had returned. Sam had fun with it though. It's not too big and came together easily, which was really really nice.