Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Frills and Feathers

Last night it poured and poured. It was still raining when the kids woke up. Thankfully it stopped by the time we needed to leave to get Sam to school on time.  After dropping her off I headed out for a run. 

I decided to shorten my time and increase my effort by hitting the hill. It may not look like much, but ya feel it about half way up. 

Later in the morning Jenny stopped by and we headed to a place where James could play. 
There was a large twisty slide and a bouncy house and other fun things for him to do. He really liked these Buzz Lightyear rockets. He didn't stop moving the entire time we were there. When we did leave his hear was sweaty and matted to his forehead. 

After school we headed to the shops as Mike was in dire need of a haircut. He is picky about his hair and the guy that cut it did a fabulous job. 

See these little flowers?
They're not growing out of the ground. 
They've fallen from the gum trees. 
I love the way they dot the ground and the trees. 
The others were red, these are pink. They kind of remind me of the Muppet named Animal. I'll have to get more pictures as they come in a variety of colors. 

I love seeing the plants, flowers and birds that are unusual to me and unique to this place. 
Here's one type of bird we see frequently. It looks like a cross between a pigeon and quake and makes a warbley sound when it flies. Getting a photo of the birds is kind of like getting a photo of James...neither tends to hold still for long. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Growing strong

James is my super picky eater. He does like all fruits and some vegetables. 

At dinner time the girst thing he'll do is look at his plate while getting into his chair and announce "I don't like this!" And point to one thing or another. I've learned to choose my battles...I choose vegetables. 

So, I tell James he needs to eat his veggies to grow big and strong. After eating some veggies he'll go up to the nearest wall, push on it and grunt a little and then say he needs more because he isn't strong enough yet, or that he's gotten stronger so he doesn't need more. It's pretty sweet. 

So when he was doing his superhero poses I had to chuckle as it reminded me of how he eats his veggies. 

Okay, sorry for the three posts in one day. :) Hopefully I'll be getting work soon. One potential employer is in the process of contacting references.  

Tasty wordplay

So, Samantha is in her first week of school. It's been a little tricky as her standard lunch in the US included a PB&J sandwich. We're not big meat eaters....well, except Mike. So I'd often put nuts or cheese into her lunch. 

When we interviewed with the principal it was made very clear that the school is but free. I can respect that for safety of children with but allergies. So, I asked Sam what she'd like, salami and cheddar. Easily done, or so I thought...

I found a giant block of sharp cheddar, but I know Sam prefers a more mild cheddar. I found other cheeses, but couldn't find a small package if just plain cheddar, all I could find was a variety of "tasty" cheeses. I bought the smallest block I could find. 
Thankfully, Sam decided she likes it. She's changed her mind on the salami though and is now taking jam sandwiches. 

I'm still not quite sure what tasty cheese is. I know what it's not; it is definitely not a nice mild Tillamook cheddar. I tried googling it, but really didn't wantt to spend my limited wifi researching it. The cheese is pale, firm, somewhat crumbly, and sharp.  I did find another blog where Aussie foods were briefly explored.

The kids and I have had fun exploring different cereals here. I love that the cereal selection is so much smaller than in the US. Museli instead if granola, Sultana Bran instead of Raisin Bran, and Rice Bubbles instead of Rice Krispies. Frosted flakes are called something different too, but I can't remember. This last time I pickNutra-Grain. It was one of my favorites when I was here before. 

Anyway, the box irritates the living daylights out of me.
See? It should say "in stores."  Right?  It's a little thing really. The Clearwater is marked as being healthy, but I'm sure it's similar to any sugar cereal. It's just as yummy as I remember. I guess I'll just need to turn the box the other way. :)

Today when we were getting the train I stopped to get some bus info. I thought it was interesting that there is the clockwise loop and tge anti-clockwise loop. I've never heard the term anti-clockwise before, only counter-clockwise. 
I'm sure there will be more little things. I just find the wordage interesting. 

Oh, and for those wondering if the kids have accents yet, the answer is no; although, Sam is working on it. Since being back at school I've notice a few things. The intonation she gives to certain words is changing. She has also asked, "can you give me less veg tomorrow?" She's never said veg before now. Lastly, yesterday when we were sewing she said, "let me give it a go...can I have a go now?"  Before she would've said try or turn. 

Yesterday she had PE and music. Today she had Japanise. She had enjoyed it all. I know she's trying hard and doing well at school because she's tired and cranky when she gets home. 

Finally, I just posted photos if James. Mostly blurry because he is constantly moving. I have to share this photo here again because he give me thins expression so often. Here's me at four, as Spider-Man on Halloween.