Friday, October 31, 2014

Silly Me

Yesterday we saw this beautiful giant plant. It looks like a bird of paradise, but without the bright colors. 

Today at work I got this nagging feeling that there was a holiday coming up. I only got this inkling when writing the date. I just couldn't shake it. Then, after passing medications and halfway through my documentation I figured it out. 1/11/14 is today written as it is here in Australia, date/month/year. 

I'm sure my mother has figured it out already, the holiday coming up, it's my birthday....sort of. You see my birthday is January 12. In the US, dates are written month/date/year, so when I see 1/11/14, my brains registered my birthday being the next day 1/12/--.  Oh how disappointed and messed up will my brain be tomorrow as I try to write 2/11/14, not 1/12/14. At any rate, happy first of November. 

Halloween Down Under

Today is Halloween. 

It isn't an Australian holiday. Apparently it has been gaining popularity over the years and this was discussed on one of the morning shows. As Jenny said "I can't even imagine going door to door to different strangers and asking them for candy."

I get it and was originally relieved to not have the stress and pressure of doing costumes. Of course that was before Sam's school put on a Halloween disco and before James' playgroup had a costume day. 

With the costumes already planned, when Mike suggested it I couldn't see any harm in letting the kids knock on a few doors. It was nice to have an excuse to meet some of our neighbors. And just like in the US, the adults who answered the doors interacted with the kids and complimented their costumes. 

When I was leaving work it was 85 degrees and sunny. When we got back home from our brief trick or treating, it was  overcast and dripping a bit. It made me think about all those years of trick or treating in the cold and rain. Brrr 

Mike's been a bit out of character the last couple of days. There's a couple reasons for this:
1) Our pay as you go phone is difficult to navigate. We've run out of money on it and have decided to hold off on recharging it so we can get one that is more user friendly. Until then he can receive calls and texts, but can't initiate any. To hold him over he does have Skype and iMessage for those tasks. It's just not terribly convent. 

2) We've enjoyed using the pool and had a decient relationship with the pool guy until yesterday. We mistakenly overfilled the pool. We informed the pool guy who texted to turn the power off. We figured that would mean he'd come by and take care of it. We didn't hear from him, so that night we called and he wasn't very nice, basically asking how we could be so stupid as to not understand basic instructions. Upon further investigation we found the rest of the instructions that had been overlooked in our phone. Regardless, you don't call someone stupid and I'm horribly disappointed in his terribly unprofessional behavior. 

3) Halloween was a big deal in Mike's family when Michelle was growing up. It was a busy holiday of fun and visiting with friends. Because of festivities and business, Halloween dinner was always a simple warm meal of chilli dogs. This tradition continued when our two families blended and when able, we'd get together with Michelle, David, and Jordan. If not for dinner, at least to see costumes and get hugs. I know this break in tradition also contributes to Mike's acting a bit off. 

So tonight we did trick or treat and we did have chilli dogs. It's not the same and that's okay. It's nice blending new routines with long standing traditions. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beach walk

Tonight the kids and I headed out for an evening stroll while Daddy took care of the dinner dishes. Unfortunately Sam had a tummy ache that got worse so she went back home. 

This tree buzzes. It's a bit nerve wracking when you walk by as it sounds like you're entering a hive. 

Can you feel the warmth of the sun clinging to your skin as the cool evening breeze tries to out power it?  The sun held the lead until after we got home. 

James calling the waves. He's such a tease. 

The water and sand feel good on the feet. 

Every time we're at the beach I get all excited thinking these are agates. They're not. Just little seaweed bobbles. 

They still cause me to think of Grandma Lois as she had found some about this size, dried, glued, and painted them to look like mini seagulls. Perhaps I'll have to try that with the kids sometime. 

It was a nice walk.