Friday, October 24, 2014

Say what?

This sign was posted outside the bakery where Mike and I had our date. I think the wording is cute as I can't imagine anyone actually speaking these words. Spoken, it'd be "when you back up, watch out for the pole."

Last week when james was at daycare he forgot to stop playing to use the toilet. When I dropped him off I asked his teacher if she could please remind him to use the toilet between activities. She told me a funny little story which wonderfully and simply illustrates what I deal with at work and what we all deal with when we're out and about. 

James had been playing when he realized that he'd waited to long. He told his teacher he needed to change his shorts as they were wet. She helped him and said "You need to change your jocks too."  To this James replied "I don't know what that is."  She tried explaining and finally held up his clean underwear and said "these, what do you call these?"  He said "underpants!"

As she helped him she once again said jocks and he reminded her "I don't have those, I have underpants."  She chucked as she retold this part of him correcting her. 

Later I asked Jenny what they're called for girls. The answer, "knickers."  Of course, how could I forget. I filled her in on "panties" to which she giggled. We had a good laugh. 

It amuses me that language can be the same while vocabulary and understanding of terms can be so different. My respect for immigrants who speak English as a second language continues to grow.

On a completely different note, here's a weather update...


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Morning Coffee

Today Mike and I had a quiet morning date at a local bakery.
I love how things such as pastries look the same initially. With a closer look the differences are clear. 

"Scrolls" from left to right: apricot and chocolate, walnut and sultana with coffee drizzle, sultana and something with pink stuff, apple and sultana, and my brain stopped processing. No cinnamon. And no cinnamon rolls. Lots of dates, sultanas (raisins made from green grapes) and apricots. The apricots provide a nice tart contrast to the sweet pastry, custard, and chocolate. 

It looks like it'll be a beautiful day. 

Not quite running smooth

James came home from play group begging for me to make him a dinosaur costume for Halloween. He wanted me to make it right that minute and threw a massive fit. He didn't want just a hat and tail he wanted a full costume, nevermind that it was 97 degrees out today and sure to be even hotter by Halloween. 

This was around one in the afternoon and he had woken up way to early. He was tired, hot, and cranky. Anyway. Today we stopped at the thrift store.
Look what I found, an IKEA dragon with wings, a green visor hat with Velcro and a green dress the exact color of the dragon (ie lots of stretchy fabric the right color with straps, button holes, the works) all for six bucks. If I can't whip up a dragon/dino costume with this I should retire from all things crafting/sewing. 

The problem is, as I was working on Christmas gifts this afternoon my machine went clump-clump and made a horrible grinding sound. My needle got stuck in the down position. *sigh* things just aren't made the way they used to be. I'm not THAT old! The kids do have several of my childhood toys...those were made to last. It's just that I find it difficult to teach my children to take care of their things when they're made to be disposable. Anyway, the singer I bought isn't worth getting fixed. It's still under warranty, so hopefully it'll be replaced without issue. 

Mike has enjoyed giving me a hard time about my driving. In spite of my best effort, the windshield wiper control will not put my blinker on. And my blinker switch will not change gears. Ah, my hands are programmed for things being on the other side of the steering wheel. It's second nature and will take a while to retrain. 

My host dad Dave, was originally from Canada. He said street driving was easy, but parking lots here in Australia proved challenging. I never understood this until now. There are no lines in parking lots  people tend to drive down the middle inching off to the left only when other cars come along. Now that I've inched over to the right once...or twice I'm now reminding myself to be extra vigilant in parking lots. Thankfully the roads are well marked and often have separators down the middle of the roads.  

Another car thing is when I'm alone and accidentally walk to the passenger side of the car. Yeah, I've taken to simply putting my handful of whatever I'm carrying down on the passenger seat do it looks like I meant to walk to the left side of the car. 

Update on the sewing machine: This morning I called the store where I purchased it. I was on hold long enough to hang a full load of laundry. The determination was that they would call me back after speaking to the Singer company. 

When they called back about thirty minutes later I was told that if need to bring the machine in and the Singer rep would check it out. Only then would the determination be made as it if the machine would be repaired or replaced. 

After getting to the store, waiting in line at costumer service I then had to wait about twenty minutes while the poor sales associate tried to fill out all the correct paperwork. 

I should hear back within 28 days as to what the verdict will be in the machine. 28 days!!!! That doesn't work with Halloween costume and Christmas gift plans. Plus, any time Mom or Robbie had their machines repaired it just never seemed to work quite right again, at least not in the long run. 

Thankfully, Mike understood. We bought a new machine from the same place. It's a smidge more basic than the last one even though they are catalogued under the same model number. I had looked at the fabric store. Although their machine was prettier, it also only had basic functions and was over twice the price so that wasn't going to happen. 

Speaking of the-same-but-different look at the ant James and I saw on this morning's run!!!
The huge ant is on the left. For comparison are our typical tiny ants. The big one totally creeped out both James and I. 

On the other hand, worms are just fine as long as they are of the gummy variety.