Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It got a little warm today

Prior to going to Handorff, a migraine was brewing. I was able to fight it off until Monday morning. I washed my glasses, put them on, but couldn't see through them due to something being on the lens.  When I took them off and held them up to the light it was obvious that it was my eyes, not the cleanliness of my lens. I figured it would pass and started walking to the train station to go to work. When I was half way there my face went tingly numb as did my left arm. My tummy was queazy and every light I saw looked as though it was being magnified and distorted through cellophane.  This is how the migraine starts. I called work, turned around and headed home, took some medicine and went back to bed. This helped with the head pain. It did not help with the other symptoms. It's flictuated in severity the last couple of days. Hopefully this will be it for a while. 

Anyway, on to happier news. Samantha lost another tooth. 
She had not been making much progress and decided to let me help loosen it up a bit. She had heard how Mandi had to have two baby teeth pulled by the oral surgeon and how the tooth fairy didn't visit afterward. Plus, I think she gets a certain amount of satisfaction from pulling them. I only loosened it up enough. She did the rest. 

Today Sam had a field trip to the zoo. Initially she didn't want to tell me anything about it saying, "We saw too much, I wouldn't know what to tell you". She did let a few details slip out. She saw a giraffe, giant pandas eating bamboo, Koalas, a blue tongued lizard, meercats, and lemurs. It got up to about 35 degrees today, so at least they had nice, albeit hot weather. 

James had playgroup this morning. He loves going. He also loves that there's an Op shop (thrift store) at the center. Daddy took him over to the Op shop after play group and let him spend a little change. 
"Look Mom, now I won't get too hot when I run with you and exercise with you...I want to be strong like Superman."

I love his squishy little face and wish so badly that i felt up to running and exercising recienlty. I had been nursing my head in a cool dark room and hadn't realized how hot it was until I saw james' red and shiny face. Good thing he was wearing those exercise bands. 

Mike and I decided to give the evaporative cooler a try. It worked really well. The hard part is that in order for it to work it helps to have windows and doors open a crack to let the air move. This is fine as my children are physically incapable of closing any door. Correction, they can but it is only when the door is being slammed shut...we have no idea where they get them from. Ahem, I think it may be from their mother, but she's sensitive so we won't talk about it. ;)

We spent the afternoon enjoying our cooled house. At one point Sam said it was too cold. Please understand that was after swim lessons and she was still in her swim suit and still had damp hair. I told her to go outside as it was plenty warm. She did and then she jumped into the pool and played until dinner was ready. I'm so glad we found this rental as I know the cooling and the pool will see much more use once we head into summer. 

At bedtime I was amused to see three very large moths on the kitchen window. I was thankful they were in the outside. As I looked closer I saw lots of smaller bugs jumping and fluttering on the glass. 
Then I noticed that the kitchen light was flickering in and out from shadow and realized there was a moth on the inside too. Upon closer inspection I saw lots of tiny bugs on the ceiling. Eww
Mike said we could pick up a bug repellant or spray tomorrow. However, I think there may already be something in the house that can do the job. 
I'll bet this looks like an all you can eat buffet to this little guy. All these bugs kind of creep me out a bit. Good thing it's bedtime as any remaining ins can be felt with in the morning. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday's sight seeing

This morning we headed out on a drive in our lovely new-to-us Holden station wagon. We headed to Handorff, a German town in the Adelaide Hills. 

The drive was scenic, Hills decorated with perfectly straight rows of grapes, fields dotted with sheep, cows, or horses, and a canopy of gum trees offering shade most of the way. The eucalyptus smell wafted in on the breeze through the open windows. I would've loved to have taken photos to share with you; however, I could not drive and take pictures at the same time.  

With all the surrounding beauty, I was a bit stressed as the roads were a windy as Chuckanut Drive and the speed limit was marked at 80km/hour. Sorry, but that is too fast for some of those turns. I wasn't being pokey, just safe. And yes, I did get passed a couple times and I'm okay with that. I was glad to have my new, working iphone too as I was able to enter in the destination and have it talk to me step by step along the way so we didn't get lost. It work great...most of the time. 

Sam was thrilled when we arrived as the bumpy swervey road was making her tummy upset. Remind me when Mandi comes to visit not to take her here.  With her sensitivity to motion I'm sure it would wreck her for the day. Even as the driver I was feeling it a bit. 

Inside the park we stopped at, we saw our first ever Australian Rhodie. It made me think of Mom and Dad's yard with all their huge Rhodies. I wonder if this little one will survive the summer. 

One of the souvenir shops we stopped at used to house the town's blacksmith. The kids were quite fascinated by the machinery that remained. 

Next was a rock and gem shop. We all figured that Uncle Arnie could spend ages in here looking around and talking with the shop owners. 

I teased the kids that this was an old fashioned ash tray. Sam asked "really?!?"  All that was inside were spent butts. 

Handorff certainly has a lot of charm; although, much of it is very touristy, kind of like Port Townsend. 

There were loads of neat little spots that had lots of character. 

The kids appreciated the FruChocks candy shop. 

And this lovely little ready bear picnic. 

It wouldn't be a German town without beer, brats and pretzels. 

We stopped at the museum where Mike and Sam had a chance to look. I took this little guy out as he has making me nervous. 

 He's full of energy and certainly has one volume. He can be pretty sweet sometimes too. 

I though Dad would appreciate the information outside of this park. We didn't venture in though as everyone was winding down. 

We headed back to the park by our car where the kids had a chance to run off some of there energy. Funny how that works as they were both complaining of sore knees and being tired and hot when Mommy and Daddy wanted to look around the town. 

Kind of like the smiles I get when I ask to take a photo of the two of them together. 

Our next stop was The Toy Factory. This is where my navigating phone failed us. It lead us to a brewery in a neighboring town. Now, that may have been what Mommy and Daddy needed, but that wasn't where we were trying to get to. I must say though, that it will be a must go to place when we have visitors from America. The navigations second attempt got us closer. It wasn't until the third try that it got us where we were trying to be. It was NOT operator error. I even manually entered the address and it decided to put in a different one several times. So we were thrilled when we actually found it. 

When we first arrived in Adelaide, we kept seeing leaflets with "the worlds biggest rocking horse" on them. It was the one place the kids REALLY a wanted to see. We didn't climb up into the horse there we went into the toy factory first and were just ready to go after the pleading and whining for things. After all, it has been a full day. 

There were many reasonably priced wooden toys inside. Those ones were wrapped tightly in plastic and marked "made in China."  The nicer wooden toys made at the factory were really cool and well made. Unfortunately, they reflected the local prices of timber and labor and we simply couldn't justify their purchase. Sam really liked some of the doll furniture, including a clothesline ($55). I suggested that we try making some doll furniture from cardboard at home. We'll see. 

We came home along a different route and stopped by Hungry Jack's after we got off the scenic route. It was nice to cool down and let the kids play on the play equipment there. Sam threatened to not go back into the car until she remembered the swimming pool waiting for her at home. 

Once home the sun was nearly set. The kids tested the water with their toes while I made them sandwiches, veggies, and fruit. They then headed off to bed. I think they were both pretty worn out. 

There was a fair amount of gripping during the trip, overall they did pretty well. Mike and I figured out some things we'd do differently next time and some things we'd do the same. We were both pleased with how the car ran and the mileage we got. 

Please forgive any typos or autosubed words that make absolutely no sense. I find that getting memories written down and photos shared in a timely manner is better than stressing about perfection to the point that it never gets done. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Difficult or puzzling

She didn't want the castle.

She didn't want the hot air baloons. 

James just kept saying "it's too hard!" 

I kept explaining that yes, it's hard and will remain hard until we sort the pieces. 

Both kids are in bed and I'm trying to get a step or two done so that the puzzle won't be so hard tomorrow....I may need to pick up one of those puzzle mats.