Thursday, January 29, 2015

An evening after kindy

Today was a big day as our youngest headed off to school for the first time. 

He was so excited to get going. 

During the spring he had a couple "practice" days. This was a huge help in letting him know what to expect. 

When he got home today he didn't have much to say, just that he had fun, colored and made friends. Oh and that his teacher had them put on sunscreen and hats every time they went outside, That was it. He must've been well behaved as he was pretty cranky all afternoon. After dinner I threw him in the tub which helped him "reset." 

Sam had a good day at school. Her goodies to share with her classmates went over well. She was thrilled that there was more than enough to go around and shared the leftovers with classmates from last year who are in different classes this year. 

Sam couldn't wait to open her gifts and opened them straightaway after school. It worked out well as she then had the evening to play with them. She was happy with the Barbie and the fabric and wants to check the library for pattern books. She made me proud with this suggestion. 

She dug right into the nail kit. It isn't the best quality polish; it did the trick and worked well enough. I think it was worth the cost and she had fun with it. 

With school comes the return of bedtime routine. James current favorite library book is Goldilocks and the Just One Bear by Leigh Hosgkinson, so we read it again tonight. As for Sam we are on the final chapters of the second Harry Potter book. 

Sam continues to struggle with staying in bed and settling in when it's bedtime. Sam is improving some, Unfortunately James is bigining to follow suit. I'm hopeful that it's just a phase, hopefully a short one. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A date and birthday prep

Want to see a beautiful sight?
This is gorgeous and exciting to me. I love the color of the fabrics full of potential, full of possibility, full of love waiting to be expressed to the recipient of the next project. I love it. 

I also love that even though it's in the shade and only in the 70's that it took less time to dry than it did in the dryer back in the Pacific Northwest.

 Samantha headed back to school yesterday which meant that Janes and I had our date. When I asked what he wanted to do he immediately said he'd like to go to Savers and get a toy and then spend the afternoon playing games. Well there was no arguing with that. 

At the thrift store he found a plush toy, an ambulance that makes noise, and a Buzz Lightyear bathrobe. I found several books for Sam for her birthday and a sewing cabinet. Afterward we went to the shops to do some birthday shopping for Sam. We also needed to get some swim trunks for James as the elastic disintegrated in his last pair. 

Interestingly, I discovered that none of the swim trunks had liners. I asked if he wanted to try something other than trunks and showed him the other swim shorts. He said "no Mom, those are underpants, not a swimsuit." At least he knows what he wants. 

We then went home and played Trubble and Uno. He wiped the floor with me in both games. It was a nice day. 

After the kids were tucked into their beds I worked more on James' quilt. 

I'm pleased with how it turned out. The border was tricky as the angle of the triangles I was working with on the border are challenging to line up. Another complication is that my new sewing machine allows the needle to be in the center or on the far right, not at precisely 1/4 inch seem, so some seems were bigger and some were smaller. With one or two seems a small variance isn't a big deal. With this many triangles it adds up. Hopefully the border won't pucker too much when it gets quilted. 

This was also the first time I tried my hand at piecing letters. I discovered the letters and the butterflies would be classified as wonky quilting. I think it would've been easier to do his name in all capitals; however, I thought it was important to have it look the way he'd write it. 

As it was the second day of school James and I had a mini date as we went back to the shops to get gift wrap and tape. 

James enjoyed writing cards for Sam's birthday. You can see he signed his name on this one. It may be hard to spot as he wrote it perfectly backward.  He also filled a large piece of paper with '0's and the asked me to read it. I thought both of these things were rather cute as they are both things that Mandi would do when she was a little squirt. Here's a video link of James asking me to read his letter:

Sam was quite excited when she got home from school to see all these birthday gifts. It's worse than it looks, one is from Mandi and of the others, most are secondhand. 

When Sam and I went on our date she wanted a clothing fashion design kit. It was a cute little kit that came with a barbie sized headless dressform. The box showed many cool designs and I explained to Sam that they don't actually come off the form, she had wanted to make them for her dolls and the kit just wouldn't allow for it. 

Anyway, I figured why not get her the original fashion doll...Barbie. None of Sam's made the move with us. She picked out the fabric on my trips to the fabric store and I figured we could design/sew clothes for this doll. Here's a little pincushin Sam stitched by hand with some leftover felt we had:

She has been feeling down about her birthday being so early in the school years. It feeling anticlimactic. In previous years we've been on vacation when her birthday has rolled around...I actually can't remember the last time we were home for it. 

Complicating the celebration is the fact that she wanted homemade treats to share with her class. That was the plan; however, poor Mike has had a heck of a stomach bug for the last five days. Because of this I refuse to make food to share, at least not until his tummy issues clear up. 

Today we headed to the doctor. They're running some tests to see if there's a treatable bug causing the trouble. Hopefully he's at the tail end of it and hopefully it's something the rest of us have already had. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Date Day!

Today we were supposed to have friends over. This was canceled as Mike was sick. Poor guy, not a nice way to spend any day much less a birthday. 

As previous plans were canceled and Mike was feeling better, Sam and I headed to the city for our date. Sam wanted to go by train so we could continue reading Harry Potter. We're on the second book. It was a fun trip and we enjoyed visiting with a couple ladies sitting near us. 

At the Fashion Icons exhibit Sam got a bit impatient waiting for the guided tour and explored around while waiting for it to start. 

The first dress was from 1947. The rest of the exhibit dedicated a room to each decade of fashion thereafter. It was interesting to learn how war rationing impacted women's dress and how fashion blossomed once it was over. 
1950s We learned that Dior reintroduced corsets and aimed to have women look like flowers. It was in this room that there were fantastic gowns, hand sewn with amazing embellishments. 

1960s Coco chenille re-entered fashion. She added chain to the hem of skirts so they would hang right. Her goal of fashion was for practical and comfortable. 

There was quite a variety of bright, bold fashions in this room. The imperial waist on a green and ivory gown reminded me of Mom's wedding dress...go figure, it had been designed in 1969. 

I knew Mom would appreciate the great wool jackets that were also on display. The jackets were beautifully sewn. The patterns on fabrics perfectly lined up so it looked nearly seamless. 

1970s Started out quite groovy. The baby blue tulip dress and pant suit certainly made quite a statement. 

My favorite dress from this room was by Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe and was based on Russian tea dress. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it. Again, the detail was amazing. It was hand painted in purple, red, and gold. It had a very conservative neckline, loose short sleeves and snug long sleeves. The length went all the way to the ground. This long skirt section acted as a canvas for triangles  standing on one another. Some triangles were filled with dots, circles or other triangles. The bodice was decorated with circles of varying sizes and shapes...almost representing poppies. The neck was embellished with a gold and yellow grid. 

My description is not doing it justice. 

Sam really appreciated an Yves Saint Laurent dress from 1979. It was bright red with puff 3/4 sleeves, a drop waist with puffed skirt that had bright silks embroidered in swirls. The whole thing was trimmed with black piping. 

We zoomed through the rooms with 1980s and 1990s fashion. In the 2000s there was a dress by Christian Lacroix that had lots of pink and visual movement without actual moment. It reminded me of a fun priced quilt. 

At the end of the exhibit was a shop. They had tailoring supplies, patterns and books by Merchant and mills. The pattern I thought was interesting was the hussif army sewing kit. The pattern was paired with history of the kit during war. I'll have to see if the library has the book as if like to read more. 

The Merchant and Mills sewing kits, pins, needles and other such sewing items were all packaged so neatly. I was quite tempted to buy some things for myself and family. I know that my mom, sister and aunties would've really enjoyed seeing this exhibit. 

After going through the shop we headed to a hands-on area where sam enjoyed decorating a predestined shirt template. It was fun. 

We then wandered around the rest of the museum before leaving. I asked Sam if she'd like to see where I work, we were both too hungry and decided to just head to lunch. 

We tried a place called Fancy Burger. The had outdoor seating in what looked like firework stand sized containers. The container opened on one side and each was decorated dynamically differently. It was really cool. 

As we were looking through the menu my phone rang. It was Mike and he sounded a bit panicked. He said work was trying to get ahold of me because I was scheduled for a late shift. What?!? Apparently I had copied my schedule to the calendar incorrectly. 

I was just horrified!  I quickly called work and spoke to the weekend manager. I didn't know what to do. I was only a five minute walk from work, but I had no uniform and Sam was with me. Plus we had taken the train in. If I caught the next train it would take me nearly two hours to get home to drop Sam off and get a uniform and it would take right about another 45 minutes just to drive back to the city, not counting parking and walking to my ward. By that time the shift would be half over. So I'll be calling my manager when she's back in the office. Ugh, I just felt/feel horrible. Hopefully she'll understand. 

Back to our date. We ordered our burgers and they were super yummy. We then headed to the main shopping area, Rundle Mall. It was fun to have only Sam to focus on. I've enjoyed having date days with each child. It's just a special time. 

Our final stop was a toy store. Sam knows right where her favorite isle is. She found this fancy nail kit and asked if she could get it. Mandi had spoken to me earlier in the week stating that she waned to get Sam something for her birthday. I texted Mandi this photo and she said that would be a perfect gift. 

Sam and I ran to the train and enjoyed another chapter of Harry Potter on our way home. 

Here is a link to the tailoring goodies we saw today:

This link shows photos of many of the dresses we saw: