Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good news!

Big news!  We heard from Sam's principal and she is now officially in year four. As she's in a third/fourth split class, the change is primarily administrative. She is beyond thrilled. 

I've been slowly working on several sewing projects and decided to take on one more that looked fairly quick (link listed below). I thought I'd have enough fabric on hand to make it. Well, I ran out of white background fabric and substituted a couple light prints on two of the squares. 
Of course the rest of my white fabric did turn up. Oh well, I actually appreciate the the quirkiness the unique backgrounds provide. It flows nicely with the liberated/wonky blocks. 

Finding enough fabric for the back was a push. I ended up borrowing fabric I bought to use as binding on a different project. It still wasn't enough.
Due to my shortage of turquoise fabricc I "stretched" the corners a little by adding tan strips. If you look closely, you'll see VW bugs make up the pattern on the tan fabric. 

The other thing I wanted to try and do was to actually quilt the blanket. I finally found a quilting foot that would work on my machine. WooHoo! It's certainly a novice job. Still, I'm pleased with the end product.  

There were several hick-ups along the way, such as running out of thread, thread "nesting" in giant clumps on the underside of the fabric while quilting one whole block, and ending with my machine locking up when trying to wind the bobbin. I wound the bobbin by hand to be able to finish this sucker. It was a full two days of sewing. I'm thrilled with the result and hope the mommy and baby it's intended for appreciate it. 

Quilt tutorial:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautiful scenery

It feels so good to feel nearly normal, so much so that I headed out for a good run with James after seeing Sam off to school. 

It says I ran 4.44miles; however, I did walk the bigger hills and then walked another .98 miles to reach the fabric store. James was really well behaved. I must say though that hills while tring to chat with a four year old is a real struggle. 

The run was mostly uneventful aside from one near miss with a blue sedan. I had stopped at an intersection and saw the car coming. The car only needed to yield so when it came to a complete stop I figured it was so James and I could cross. Apparently that was a foolish thought. Just as the stroller started in front on the car it pulled forward. I quickly yanked James back. The car must've seen us then because it did stop and we crossed safely. I'm very thankful we were kept safe. 

After the fabric store, Mike picked us up and we went to the park. It's breezy and the swings were wet. Apparently last night we set a 16 year record for rain. Maybe that's why I slept so well. 

I have been looking for is a quilting foot for my sewing machine. I may end up having to order one. After the park we decided to visit a quilt shop in a neighboring suburb. It's a short drive riddled with vineyards. I had to laugh when we passed this one because of the sheep grazing among the vines. 
I'm pretty sure this sheep though I was nuts. 
It amazes me this is only ten minutes from beautiful beaches. 

That's right, just ten minutes from home. I'm not sure why james wakes up so early. Glad he took a cat nap as he was getting cranky in the afternoon. 

Reciently I've started another blog. It's called KK's Block of the Month (BOM) and can be found at I'm pretty excited about it because I've always enjoyed crafting with family and through this blog & facebook page I'll be able to do that from the Southern Hemisphere. 

Here's a partial glimpse of some of the blocks we'll be making. The concept is to make one block per month for a year. I'll provide detailed instructions for each. At the end of the year the participants will have enough squares for a baby or lap quilt. It should be fun. 

Sam too has been busy sewing. She's making little catch all bags to sell at school to raise money for the Cancer Council. It's been great practice for her to work on sewing skills. I'll have to post more photos of her projects soon. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Good games

The kids had soccer games today. Mike took Sam to hers and said she did great, scored two goals. Sam was very excited. She said she really enjoyed her turn being goalie as well. 

It was James' first game today. His coach has amazing patience with the kids. The coach's wife was saying all four of their boys have games today. They were in a strict schedule to be at each place on time. 

It was fun to watch the kids. It was like watching a dozen puppies chasing the same thing. At this age they don't bother with goalies. After half time the younger kids lost interest. James sat down for a while and other kids periodically ran off the field for a drink or whatever. 

At home both kids enjoyed warming up in the tub. After all it wouldn't be soccer without rain clouds and muddy fields   
As Janes was attempting to clean his cleats, was surprised to see bright orange four-pronged caps on the ground.  Apparently they come off these gum tree blossoms. I thought they were pretty neat. 

Mike and the kids were eager to try the chocolate cafe that I visited earlier in the week with Jenny. 

It's typical here for resturants to serve the children first. James was the only one who ordered off the kids menu and his arrived a good fifteen minutes before the rest of ours. James eagerly shared his food with Sam while she waited for hers. 

He kept his eyes shut for the first few bites as to better savor the flavor. 

When Sam's arrived she was delighted and in turn offered to share.