Friday, June 12, 2015

Victor Harbour

Today we ventured to Victor Harbour. My friend Sara joined us and was able to guide us toward thing we may have otherwise missed. Including this sculpture. 

At Victor Harbour, there's a horse pulled team that you can ride to Granite Island that's inhabited by cute little penguins. Unfortunately, it didn't look like they were running today and we were cold, hungry and caffeine deprived. 

As we had left first thing, a coffee and breakfast stop was a priority. Two Bees fit the bill. 

After our morning snack we ventured around some shops and came across this little gem that had loads of very sweet handmade items. It was really hard to not buy everything in the store. I did leave with many creative ideas including necktie handbags, fun stuffed animals and baby apparel.  

Sara explained that during certain times of the year whales can be seen along the coast migrating. 

We got caught up looking at various shops and never did walk to Geanite Island. Perhaps we'll go again when the kids are out of school. I know they'd enjoy adventuring around the island and along the beaches.  

Before heading home we stopped at a Port Elliot resturant called Flying Fish for some of the best fish and chips I'd ever tasted. 

We then stopped at Horshoe Bay where Mom and Dad did a little beach walking. 

At the edge of the seashore, we saw these sea grass fibre balls. They were like nothing we'd ever seen before. 

It was a good trip. Again, it was a bit rushed and we could've easily spent more time there. I'm sure we'll head back to discover more secrets the coast may have to offer. 

Once home, I went for a run. I really just wanted a nap. I ran less than half the distance listed. I figure it's still better than not running at all. 

James accompanied me in the run in the stroller. Back at home, a toy flyer was realized. Both kids poured over it, circling the toys they liked. 

Here, the financial year is from July first to June 30st. The car dealerships flood the airwaves with their clearances and the stores advertise on TV and mail to PUSH people to put toys on lay-buy to be retrieved before Christmas. I don't buy into it, the kids sure enjoy pouring over the advertisements just as many of us did the Sears catalog when it would be released. 

We also stopped by the shops today. Grandma Marty and Grandpa Bob are impressed by the rows upon rows of yummy chocolate that occupy large amounts of floor space in many of the grocery and department stores. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today we headed to the German town of Hahndorf. I thought these candles looked cool. They smelled really yummy. It's fun to look around the different shops. As the kids don't enjoy looking only the grown ups came on this outing. 

As per tradition, we had to get a mailbox photo. The Australian Post store was quite neat. We enjoyed looking at the different stamps and coins on display. We even found prepaid postcards that cost less than the price of a regular stamp. Both Mom and I had to pick up a couple. 

We're certainly in wine country. On our way we enjoyed seeing the vinards, sheep, cows, alpacas, and horses as they dotted the beautiful green rolling hills. 

It is wine country and also horse country. One on the resturants we peeked into offered a breakfast package that came with a one hour trail ride. I know Robbie would appreciate that. 

Mom and Dad savored the German bear and reminisced about their trips to Munich. It was really cold and the fire felt nice. One of the shop keepers told us that the temperatures tend to run 3C cooler than in the city and boy did we feel it. 

The trip was cut a bit short as we needed to be home before the school's let out. Shortly after getting home Grandoa Bob surprised Sam with a new school jumper. Sam had lost hers over a month ago. She runs warm and looses her outerwear  when she tries to cool off. 

So what's a mother to do?  Wel, thankfully I had already thought about that. I let Sam pick out the fabric. She wanted a little label. I laughed and said "no way!"  As it was, the finished able was about half the size I was initially going for. Hopefully it won't get lost anytime soon. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6+6 does not equal 15

At work today I had to keep catching myself when writing the date. I kept wanting to write 6-6-12 instead of 6-6-15. It took me a while to figure it out, but I did finally realize I was writing it as such because six plus six is 12 not 15. 

When I called home around 9 am, the grandparents were still sleeping. I was glad to hear that they were able to catch up on some quality sleep. 

It is also Mom's birthday today. She said she forgot until the kids surprised her with gifts first thing this morning. 

Mom writes, "We had a great day in the neighborhood today. We started with coffee at the nearby mall. We walked to the beautiful beach. Surfers were out surfing. The kids played on the beach. The sand is fine like brown sugar. Bob found lots of cuttlebone on the beach."

After work the kids were busy wearing out the grandparents. When they finally came in for the day they were ready to keep going with games; instead, grandpa got a break by sharing a classic movie with the kids...
...The Day the Earth Stood Still.