Friday, August 28, 2015

A good play sort of day

Sam is loving soccer. She's leading to get in there and to be a bit more aggressive. I think she's doing great for her first year. 

James had a soccer game today too. Unfortunately the two venues were 30 minutes apart and the games were scheduled at the same time. We opted to take the kid who loves soccer to her game over the kid who doesn't really like going, but generally ends up having fun once he's there. 

I love that the parents call it a soccer pitch instead of a soccer field. I think that's because it's generally played in a cricket pitch. 

We had not played at this school school befor. It looked quite new and had an awesome playground. 

James played on every bit of it. 

The boats were by far his favorite. 

End of August update

Let me start off by saying that the kids are super. 

They're just so wonderful and have such big personalities. We're half way through the school year and both are thriving schoolasticly and socially. 

I stopped writing for a while because migraines seemed to be the dominating topic. I really didn't want that and wasn't sure how to write about our experiences and day to day happenings without including a thing that halts daily activities beyond napping, lounging and just simply trying to get by. 

I continue to see the doctor and have medications adjusted to try and get the migraines managed. I have an appointment to see a physiotherapist as well. The migraines are now classified as chronic, I have been referred to the neurology clinic and received a letter stating in I'm on the waiting list. To get an idea of the time frame, I called last week and asked how long I might expect to be on the list before getting an appointment and was told that there are others in my category who have been on the list since 2010/2011.  Well, that really stinks. Mike and I discussed this. Since April the longest stretch of migraine free days was eight, so we decided to look into seeing a doctor as a private pay patient...I'll be talking to my GP about it at my next appointment. 

I will do better about updating, if there's a gap, it's just because of the stupid migraines. 

I haven't run for one whole month and managed to get two runs in this week. It was exhausting and I've got a lot of making up to do. Oh well, one thing at a time, right?

I'm post migraine as I write this. The two naps I took today really helped. Sam was off school for a teacher education day. I felt horrible that we couldn't do something fun on her day off. So this afternoon Mike took her to a movie and James and I chilled out at home. 

I love that this boy has a beautiful smile, yet when the camera comes out so does the goofy faces. He loves frozen blueberries just as much as I do. He'd just finished eating a bunch which is why it looks like he is wearing dark purple lip liner. Goofy loving sweet boy. 

When Mom and Dad were here I was busy working on a couple of baby quilts. One was for our friend Esther who safely had her daughter last week. Mom and Robbie had picked out the fabric and we planned out the quilt together. 

The second quilt I finished was for my cousin Kelly. She's due soon. I was thrilled to find this lovely little gumnut baby fabric here in Australia. It's based on illustrations in books written by May Gibbs. They look a lot like cupie dolls with an Australian twist. I was so happy that she liked the finished project. 

There are still three quilt projects in various stages of completion, two I was planning on sending home with Jordan...yeah, I haven't worked on them for over a month either. 

This last week there has been a couple birthdays in the family. I have not forgotten them I even came across a photo with all the August birthday folks in one photo, of course I can't find the photo now. Isn't that just the way. Instead, you may enjoy this video:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Harvest time

Today James burst through the door and ratting on and on about how "they said we could choose any one we wanted to bring home."  I couldn't see what he was talking about, just hear plastic wrap crinkling. Then he excitedly held up four sprigs of broccolini. 

He went on to explain that he had helped "growed" them in the garden at kindy. He was beaming. I wanted to capture his excitement and took out my phone...

So much for capturing the excitement. I kept trying. 

"No Mom! I want them in my cheeks, push the button!"

Oh well. He certainly has his own ideas about things. 

Broccoli is one of his favorite veggies. He won't try spinach and only eats potatoes in McDonalds fry form, I'm not sure that those even count as potatoes or if they're solid salted fat sticks. He was so excited and proud to share his harvest at dinner tonight.