Saturday, May 2, 2015

A busy weekend

Sam had a sleepover this weekend... "James is SO irritating!" "No! Sister is being mean to me!" I'm sure you can fill in the gaps. I was nearly ready to lock them both in their rooms. The did finally settle and start getting along. Still, I think being back to school after a couple weeks off may have contributed to the incredible crankiness. Oh well. We survived. 

My goal for this week's long run was six miles. I ended up getting a late start and had to cut the run short at just under five miles. It was a good run and inspite of rolling my ankle, it felt as though I could've kept going. My time wasn't very good; however, on long runs my goal is distance, not time. 

Sam's soccer game was far more important than my training run. It was her first one. She and her team did great. I was worried that it would rain, thankfully it didn't. 

After such a busy weekend both kids went straight to sleep at bedtime. 

When going through papers on the desk I came across this little gem that James had drawn at preschool. I think it's quite sweet. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blue skies

Today we drove to Port Adelaide with our friend Sara. It was gorgeous!

This is a glamorous looking vessel. 

The surrounding buildings varied in appearance from deco to modern to nautical and everywhere inbetween. The memorial planted between buildings was beautiful and throught provoking. 

Maybe on our next visit we'll climb the lighthouse, visit the flea market and take a day cruise to see the dolphins. 

After the port we visited Costco and replenished our supply of American peanut butter. While there I couldn't resist posing in this overpriced princess castle. 

On the drive home we stopped by this beautiful jetty. 

Once arriving home I headed out for a run. My time is improving and the runs are becoming easier. As you can see from all these photos the weather was beautiful. I feel so fortunate to be living here. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Galah greetings

The galahs are out and about. I saw about twenty of them pecking through the grass in a nearby field yesterday afternoon. There were four in the bird bath, of course they took flight when I got my camera.
Today I was lucky to catch this one dipping in for a drink while its buddies combed through our lawn and trees. 

The kids love watching them. When I see them I think of my Michigan family as there were frequently birds about. Plus, these galahs would look nice with Grandma H's snowball tree.